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Hey There Everyone,
You could potentially consider this my own personal donation/commission area of the page.

An average Ink Drawing/Photoshop Commission will cost around 100-400 :points:.

Though since I'm more of a Hobbyist and do this mostly for enjoyment other forms of payment can be organised and requested. The reason I generally request an exchange of points for my commissions is because of the amount of time they can take to make, and the amount of time they take out of other activities that are a crucial part of my life :3

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In confession, It’s been a little while since fingernails have given themselves away to the smooth plasticized fabric of computer keys, and have expressed mere thoughts as thoughts alone; without the social dynamics that arise in desiring a recipient. Though with both torn nails and skin, I need this anxiety to tear through what manipulation still remains, and expose myself within.

Because in believing otherwise, I discovered myself to be as delusional as the dusted perspective he utilizes himself. As it’s only within the flesh and bones that lie like a hollow cage above this paper boy, that I discover myself with any remaining sense of existent self anymore

If I were, I would slit the skin that embodies this spirit, and watch the blood soak into the linen sheets below. Till only the soft whisper of a dying heart remains, even if only to express the screaming tears and anguished cries beneath his shallow smile.

I sit herein within myself by the edge of our quiet promises, with lighthouses and tranquil nights; a faded memory of the paper limps and fragile thoughts I once remained during softer times. Though amidst the comfort of another, and in lying softly between their arms, doubt tinged my consciousness and gave rise to thoughts that tore their bespeckled claws into the creases of all individual moments yet to come

I’ve been sitting here, amidst the chalked outlines and clawed flesh of desperate pleas; watching myself recede beneath the skin of a manipulative, selfish and cold-hearted manifestation of my own self. The self-assured, flowered language and self-obsessed demeanour of this consciousness is not the personified self I wish to be; rather, will you not come in close and listen to the settled fear beneath his eyes

It’s only this self, with it’s torn limb and steel against it’s paper cuts, that still remains of those past moments and memories. As though be it may only be hollow emptiness and self-loathing that surrounds me now, it’s by your side alone that I wish to remain.

I didn’t mean to leave, to vanish with tears and anger in your heart; to be the despicable, dishonest and self-serving individual I’ve become. And if time where only a mere manifestation of fiction, I would wander back to take you by the hands and hold you close is both soft comfort and adoration. To let you discuss your thoughts on your own terms, and express them with your own doubts and insecurities, rather than the hastened disillusions of my own irrational consciousness. Because as selfish as it may be expressed,; of what remains of the paper boy within, both needs and wants you dearly, and wishes there may remain a chance to by your side a moment further. Because as it were, this paper boy that remains the last consciousness I still consider my own misses you dearly, and still dreams of remaining by your side, watching age etch itself into one another’s skin.

It’s been mentioned that you’re suffering, that tear-streaked rivets have carved themselves into the flesh beneath your eyes. You haven’t been sleeping, possess no appetite and may be in dire conscious of leaving crucial assignments unwritten and undocumented. Your spirit remains broken, and your heart torn through. It makes me seethe that anyone would dare bring such ruin to a friend so filled with kindnress; so dear to myself. And if it were possible, I wish to wander by the seething loathsome shadows that have been expressed here, and merely sit and listen to what you may have to say, against the depths of a metaphorical edge. Because as it were, I undeservingly took your voice, in a moment when you deserved it most. I took what was yours alone to give, your own love and memories. And if I may, it would be to hear your murmurings a last moment longer, if you felt the wish to speak, and let you become the harboured vessel that guides you along your own path again
Imagine you’re wandering through a tunnel; 
the sort that to some might metaphorically represent the cessation of existence. A subdued sort of darkness lingers on each breathe, and there’s an idle promise of light to be discovered in either direction. Though no matter how long a passage of time may pass in your wanderings, it seems it’ll only ever exist as an imprint on your retina, and as a memory of a dream you once held dear.  

This issue with society is that’s often perceived as a harbour for equality, as a destination for opinions and as plight for all those act as messengers for all such similar transient beings. Wherein in actuality what remains is a discretely paradoxical hierarchy wherein we elect the followers of our thoughts, and allow them to wield a most prominent wreckage over the fate of entire countries. 

Potentially, the underlying issue of our democratic culture lies in the possibility that as transient beings we’re simply unable to perceive our opinions as anything other than principle truthfulness. So much of our underlying motives and characteristics can be attributed to our finite beliefs that in some senses we’re entirely unable to eternally analyse ourselves without some sense of preconceived bias; unless such an analyse may come from a close other or a meditative observation. 

Though as it were, we’re still found wandering through another forlorn tunnel, with our silhouette still following suit; casting stones into the ripples of past memories. Amidst it all an eerily reminiscent echo occasionally rises, attributing itself to the soft tread of another existence beyond our own. A thought might be perceived through such moments too, in that occasionally the only salvation from loneliness might to succumb to the echoes of such another existence; allowing our theoretically non-existent soul to remain all the more unimaginable. 

If we’re all preachers of our own individual messages, then it’s possible to imagine that it might remain entirely too easy to sacrifice others thoughts under the impression they’ve merely been lead astray. As to believe otherwise would entirely too controversial; such observations potentially indicate our own ingrained faiths may come with an underlying current of ignorance and falsehood. A paradoxical issue that might be attributed to our individual need for self-valuation, as so much of our social representation remains indicative of our self-perception and worth. 

The possibility that we ourselves might occasionally be lead astray in our observations brings to rise a rather hollowing effect; an echo of emptiness in our hearts, as if our entire existence remains entwined with some need of purpose. It’s almost as if the need for faith and belief comes as a natural act of all humanity; even if we remain dearly unawares of our own and condemn others for their own preachings. 

In a timeless moment, wherein the measurement of time remains both irrelevant and inexistent, it might be perceived that the soft stirrings of such another existence actually remain our own, and we’re merely interpreting our soft stumbling as anothers. It’s in such a moment that we might cease our wanderings, and condemn ourselves to the knowledge that any such idle loneliness remains our own to interpret and observe, till we succumb to our own cessation with only the meekest of stirrings. 

So though I remain entirely self-aware (with natural bias, naturally) of the ironic nature of this particular murmuring, I’ll merely wish to express that it remains essential we indicate and observe our beliefs with an essence of self-criticism. We’re all preachers of the word in some sense or thereothers, and so it merely remains imperative that we allow controversial discussion to both flourish and fluster, whilst allowing ourselves the chance to not only be the preaching messenger, though also the contemplative follower of anothers voice. 

glass blades whispering against skin

like forgotten grass in the breeze

between bells lain forlorn

and echoes glistening with dew

Aurora Falling | Airship by Bomba-Suski
Aurora Falling | Airship
Odd Little Notations

It's not often that you discover yourself with the opportunity to design a game alongside four close others, 
And so here's merely the evidence of such an incident occurring. Aurora Falling tells the story of humanity's demise, as all are caused to flee into the stratosphere to escape the climate-change fuelled furnace that our fair planet has become. 

And so you adventure out (as a little awkward airship) amidst this decrepit society many generations after such an incident. Governments have fallen, peoples lives have wasted away, and all that now remains are a few desperate scavenger vessels fluttering out amongst the past remains of grandiose floating cities and structures. 

So by all means merely know I'll always be open to responding to any feedback, criticism or casual slander should you have it. 
And many thanks too for taking the time to view this!


Demian Schanzel [Tuurtledove]
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
New Zealand
Commisions: Open
Requests: Open

Much like many younger Artists out here on the interwebs today I will have my darker sides, some of which are clearly found within some of my work. It's the side I generally won't show to people, so lets keep it our little secret okay?

Though at the time my online Persona was 'Bomba-Suski'. I'm now more commonly referred to as Tuurtledove, which ironically is the universal symbol for peace, Hah!. Though if you're still reading this, I lightly applaud you and I hope you enjoy my gallery. And if you wish me to check out yours, please tell me so and I'll make my way there as hastily as possible, I happen to have a lot of free time on my hands
^ ^

Creation Of Creativity:
Oddly enough. The shower is where the majority of my thoughts are conceptualised and brought to life. The remainder usually come about in those moments where I deem it necessary to escape the thoughts within my mind, and release a little emotion

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dannielle-lee Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the :+devwatch: .
PrettieAngel Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You might not have in interest in most of the types of pictures, I draw.
Bomba-Suski Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a lovely style(s) all the same, regardless of whether you consider it your own or not. 

Looking back, last year does indeed feel an eternity away now. 
So much has altered in my life since then, it's as if I've begun an entirely new one.
Though which university are you currently attending, and which papers are you currently partaking in?

And that's honestly really wonderful to hear.
As even we've never discussed this previously, 
I'm still genuinely glad to hear these last two months have been better for yourself

As for myself however, 
Currently partaking in the Creative Technologies degree at AUT. 
Having a blast of a time, even it does occasionally eat away at the hours Haha
PrettieAngel Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm doing a BTech at UoA. So it's a mix of physics, maths and compsci papers.

Having experienced that sort of thing myself recently, I'm more sensitive to those feelings in others right now. I genuinely hope it doesn't get worse for you.

Ah, so you are taking on something creative. Those subjects always eat way lots of time. He he. It's good to hear that you like it. Do you know anybody there?
Bomba-Suski Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a tendency to bottle emotions, to subdue them until the bottle shatters, 
That's all to often why my sudden collapses may come across as so pretentiously dramatic and sudden. 
As they're certainly not gradual, And those that are often get bottled up and hidden as well, only to escape at a later date.
And I partially believe that particular little visual statement was merely the shattering of that little bottle, 

Though should you ever need someone to talk too, someone who may potentially be able to relate, 
Please know you'll always be welcome to message me, about anything that may be occurring within yourself or the world around you. 
And though I realise that may be a rather blunt and up-front offer on my part, I suppose I just don't wish to see you suffer
Though of course this is after all a decision best left to yourself

Though it sounds like you're taking on some fairly intense subjects there then, 
Hope everything's going well and it's not getting to stressful for yourself. Hope you're enjoying all the knowledge they've been teaching you.
As for myself, I went into the degree not knowing anyone. Though when the majority of my life is alongside your classmates, either working alone or together, 
You tend to get to know and befriend one another soon enough Haha 
(2 Replies)
Bomba-Suski Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, You have such a gorgeous style however, 
It's so intricately detailed and designed as well. 
I adore it, And really feel you deserve as many watchers as possible 

So I feel I can honestly can I quite definitely do have an interest in the drawings you draw
PrettieAngel Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, but do you mean my style, or Winx Club style? Most of my drawings are in the style of an Italian little girl's cartoon, rather than my actual own style. =P

And perhaps you don't remember who I am but I know you from real life.
Bomba-Suski Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aren't all styles somehow inspired by one another though? 

Haha, And you needn't worry there, I know who you are well enough. 
Though since I haven't seen you in about a year now, How have you been by the way?
Been doing anything interesting in recent months? 
(1 Reply)
Bloody-Goodbyes Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
Thank you for watching meeeee! :hug:
Bomba-Suski Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for making such wonderful patterns and Tattoo designs, 
It's really wonderful, And I'm really rather looking forward to incorporating them into future works 
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